Client: Toshiba International Corporation
Location: Toshiba’s manufacturing workshop, Winston Hills, NSW

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Verico Training Services recently developed and provided a tailored Overhaul & Repair course in line with AS/NZS 3800 requirements to the Toshiba Workforce based at Winston Hills, NSW.


Toshiba is an OEM and provider of quality variable speed drives and standard/electric hazardous area motors.

Toshiba is not a licensed overhaul workshop. However, to ensure client confidence and the continued development and competency of staff, Toshiba regularly organise Overhaul & Repair AS/NZS 3800 training for their manufacturing staff.

Project overview

Typically, the Overhaul & Repair course is a nationally accredited post-trade program and delivered to electrical tradesmen. The Toshiba workers at the Winston Hills site were however non-trade technicians working on and repairing machinery that required specialist knowledge.

VTS therefore tailored a program to suit Toshiba’s specific needs; a non-accredited program based on units of competence, which covered Ex techniques and provided workers with job-critical knowledge and practical skills.

Services provided

A three-day course was provided to 12 workers covering the following topics, with a focus on explosion protected motors:

  • Explosion protection fundamentals
  • Certification schemes
  • Working on equipment with Ex d, Ex e protection
  • Working on explosion protected rotating machines


At the customer’s request, VTS was able to deliver hands-on and practical training at the customer’s site, with participants using their own tools and equipment to learn new skills and revise existing practices. The training was delivered using real work scenarios on authentic motors from Toshiba’s own workshop.

As the course was non-accredited, VTS was able to comprehensively customise the content to suit the work performed at this specific customer’s facility.

Following the completion of the course, the twelve Toshiba staff have new-found skills and knowledge in the manufacture and repair of explosion protected motors.