Some operators in the overhaul industry are not ensuring their staff maintain their skill levels so they remain compliant with industry standards for overhauls and repairs. To work in this space, employees need to have the full suite of competencies and these skills need to be refreshed every three years.

Verico Training Services RTO Manager/Trainer, Peter Wright, estimates that up to 50% of staff across the sector are currently not maintaining their skills and competencies.

Audits are performed by certified auditors every 12 to 18 months and although these are not snap audits, organisations only receive around one months’ notice, which doesn’t provide enough time to get staff skilled up to meet the obligations.

Wright says that when an auditor comes in to assess the skills of the people on the floor, the employees need to be able to not only know how to do something when answering the auditor’s questions but also explain why they are doing it.

So, what stops organisations from meeting their obligations? The key reason is the cost.

“The train of thought is that if management goes and shows the paperwork to the auditing organisation, this is enough,” says Wright. “However, training staff is essential within the overhaul industry. It just isn’t worth the risk of prioritising commercial interests over productivity or safety issues when you can maintain compliance against the standards by ensuring staff are competent in the required skills.”

One course that meets these needs is the Verico Training Services’ AS3800 Overhaul Training Course. An initial course is available along with a refresher.

Designed for employees working in overhaul and repair workshops, the four-day course covers the skills and knowledge required to work on explosion-protected equipment and systems for the control and monitoring of plant and processes in hazardous areas for the coal, gas and dust industries.

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