Every change is legislation within industrial, manufacturing, mining and other legislated sectors requires an effective response by companies to ensure their staff understand the new legislation and its impacts on the work they do.

Verico Training Services was asked to roll out Chain of Responsibility Awareness Training by a major client. The training was in response to a change in the Heavy Vehicle National Law that would impact workers from senior management through to managers and front line staff. The aim of the training was to ensure staff remained compliant under the new legislation, were all aware of their responsibilities and could identify where they fit in the Chain of Responsibility for the transport of goods.

Verico Training Services worked with the company to develop a customised, three-hour session that would be relevant to the work the staff actually performed. In all, 17 sessions were held for over 200 staff located in capital cities and regional centres across Australia.

Verico Training Services was selected as the training organisation because of its ability to deliver high-quality, ‘highly mobile’ and customisable courses that can be presented at clients’ sites anywhere nationwide.

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